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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Preview – Rumors, Specs, Features, Price, Presales, and Release Date Info

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Hot on the heel on the success one of the most innovative smartphones on the market, many are already talking about the next Edge release. While many people are just breaking in their Galaxy Note Edge smartphones, many are looking forward to the inevitable release of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2. While the huge sales and consumer demand for the limited market release, the next installment is already making quite an impression.

With the Edge concept, we have been introduced to mobile innovation at its finest. The Edge swipe controls gives users yet another reason to look at Samsung smartphones. The following information on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 rumors, specs, features, concept, price, presales, and release date info will keep you wanting more.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Rumors

[AdSense-A]The most persistent Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 rumors center on the many changes expected. The biggest news seems that the next release will not be limited to certain markets. As the first Edge was limited in availability and only seen in some markets worldwide, there are many rumors suggesting the next release will not.

With the first Note Edge, Samsung was unsure how receptive consumers would be. This precipitated the limited market release, but with the huge sales and consumer interest in the Edge concept, it seems like all markets will feature the Note Edge 2. This is great news for many consumers as the limited availability lead to huge delays or some consumers looking at other phones.

There are also many Samsung rumors that a bendable display will make its way to at least one 2015 Samsung smartphone. While this has yet to be confirmed, the strong premise of the rumors suggests this will be more fact than rumor.

The most likely candidate to receive a new bendable concept would be the Galaxy Note Edge 2 due to its unique nature already. The other two 2015 flagship releases including the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 are likely to stick to a standard design which has become a trademark of both Samsung models.

Other Galaxy Note Edge 2 rumors that we have just started hearing about is 5G connectivity. While it is known that Samsung is looking to integrate the new wireless 5G connectivity, it is not likely to be finished by the time the Edge 2 launches. We’re quite certain we’ll have to wait at least a couple of more years before we see 5G smartphone capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Specs

It’s looking like Samsung will be going all out with the specifications in the second Edge release. While as of yet there have been minimal leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 specs, the following will provide you a great deal of insight of things to come.

We’re expecting to see improvements to more megapixels, more RAM, more battery power, more power, and a slightly larger 4K screen. The Note Edge 2 may be the first Samsung smartphone to get the octa-core technology. The Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 processor will bring more than just power, but a true 4K screen display. We’re also expecting to see a 3500 mAh battery, 4 GB RAM, and all of the typical premium smartphone sensors.

The following are what we’re expecting to see and what’s been rumored in the Galaxy Note Edge 2 specs.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Specs
Battery 3500 mAh non-removable battery
Camera Front 5.0 MP
Camera Rear 18 – 21 MP
Camera Features 3D, Auto focus, auto zoom, Optical Image Stabilization
Color Options Black and White
Features Curved and bendable design, air gestures, MP3, MP4, BoomSound Speakers, facial recognition and detection, panorama
Memory 32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory and expandable to 256 GB with optional micro SD card
Operating System Android 5 Lollipop Operating System
Price US – $1100 non-contract price, $399 contract priceSee complete listing of price by country below
Processor Octa-core Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 processor
Release Date US – Mid-October 2015See complete listing of release date by country below
Scanners Fingerprint scanner or retina eye scanner
Screen 5.7” 4K screen display
Sensors Accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyro, heart rate, proximity, UV, SPO2

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Features

[AdSense-A]There are new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 features rumored including eye sensing technology. The current trend of fingerprint technology is expected to be a thing of the past as the Note Edge 2 is believed to feature a retina eye scanner. The new eye sensing technology would significantly increase the security of the phone itself, but may increase the overall price.

Another feature that we are hopeful of seeing is a 3D camera. 3D camera technology is a wave of the future, and Samsung is rumored to integrate the technology into future flagship smartphones. It’s not likely to be ready for early 2015 releases, but a late 2015 release such as the Note Edge 2 is possible. Internal memory options is also expecting to see a boost as 32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory options are expected.

Many of the same features will make its way to the second release such as the optical image stabilization feature, auto focus, auto zoom, two color options, and many more. The Edge 2 will also come with a wide array of sensors such as an accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyro, heart rate, proximity, UV, and SPO2.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Concept

The new concept is expected to center around a premium smartphone release that boasts all the features you would expect to see. The premium Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 concept is expected to cost more than the initial release, but come with many more features. If the phone does make it to all markets worldwide, expect to see this become one of the best smartphones of 2015.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Price

With a retina eye scanner and a new design build, we’re hearing rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 price will top the $1000 mark here in the US. Depending on the amount of memory option you choose, the price is likely to exceed $1200 for some versions.

You can see the complete breakdown of the expected Galaxy Note Edge 2 price by country in the detailed chart below.

Country Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Price
Australia 1223 Australian Dollar
Austria 826 Euro
Brazil 2657 Brazilian Real
Canada 1161 Canadian Dollar
China 6206 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 6154 Danish Krone
England 641 British Pound Sterling
Finland 826 Euro
France 826 Euro
Germany 826 Euro
Greece 826 Euro
Hong Kong 7755 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 261,670 Hungarian Forint
India 63,205 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 12,423,150 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 826 Euro
Japan 119,840 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 1,830,000 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 44,789 Philippine Peso
Poland 3541 Polish Zloty
Russia 60,543 Russian Ruble
Singapore 1324 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 11,502 South African Rand
South Korea 1,093,945 South Korean Won
Spain 826 Euro
Sweden 7806 Swedish Krona
Switzerland 994 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 31,630 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 826 Euro
United States $1000 USD

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Presales

The official Samsung announcement will precipitate presales information from all of the top cell carriers worldwide. United States cell carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and TMobile are all expected to announce their Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 presales date as soon as the official announcement is made.

You can bet that all carriers worldwide will be anticipating the announcement from Samsung which is rumored to be in the first week in September. If the announcement comes as expected, Galaxy Note Edge 2 presales should start about two weeks before the launch date.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Release Date

[AdSense-A]The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 release date is expected to be around the same time of the year as the initial Edge release. South Korea will inevitably see the launch first, and other markets worldwide will get their first glimpses shortly after.

The official release date should be announced at the beginning of September, but most analysts believe the South Korea Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 release date will be mid-October. From there, countries in Asia such as Japan, China, and Taiwan will get their hands-on by the end of October, which will set up a release here in the US and Europe in November.

For a complete release date by expected country, check out the complete list below.

Country LG G5 Release Date
Australia 1st Week November 2015
Austria 1st Week November 2015
Brazil 4th Week October 2015
Canada 4th Week October 2015
China 3rd Week October 2015
Denmark 1st Week November 2015
England 4th Week October 2015
Finland 1st Week November 2015
France 1st Week November 2015
Germany 1st Week November 2015
Greece 1st Week November 2015
Hong Kong 3rd Week October 2015
Hungary 1st Week November 2015
India 4th Week October 2015
Indonesia 1st Week November 2015
Italy 1st Week November 2015
Japan 3rd Week October 2015
Nigeria 1st Week November 2015
Philippines 3rd Week October 2015
Poland 1st Week November 2015
Russia 1st Week November 2015
Singapore 3rd Week October 2015
South Africa 2nd Week November 2015
South Korea 3rd Week October 2015
Spain 1st Week April 2016
Sweden 1st Week April 2016
Switzerland 1st Week April 2016
Taiwan 2nd Week November 2015
The Netherlands 4th Week October 2015
United States 4th Week October 2015

Here in the US, we are expecting the release date with the top four cell carriers to be on time. AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, and Verizon will announce their official release dates as soon as the Edge 2 passes the typical FCC inspection.

Verizon was one of the biggest disappointments with the original release as it was delayed in most US markets well over a month. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 release is expected to be on time as they will be looking to meet consumer demands on the official Verizon release.

Wrapping up this Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Preview

If the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 does become a worldwide release, then we can expect huge sales for the second release. With the huge positive consumer reviews for the first Note Edge, there is no doubt the new concept will be even better. With the many rumors such as a new design, display, and enhanced security features, the Edge 2 is poised to make a great first impression.

It’s certain that the coming months will give us much more insight into the next Edge concept, and we will have all the latest info for you right here. Stay tuned, or get instant updates delivered right to your Facebook inbox by connecting with us on Facebook.